Quickbooks Support Payroll managing and keeping it organized is quite a headache for all businesses, big or small. Intuit has brought some relief on the payroll front with its QuickBooks Payroll options.

Understanding Payroll

Payroll refers to the wages or salary to employees of the company. Every company has their own ways of managing payroll. But QuickBooks payroll options have given a new perspective to the whole payroll scenario. First of all, let us understand there are two payroll options, like QuickBook Desktop Payroll and QuickBooks Online Payroll.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

This feature is only made for Desktops. It is an enhanced one over the old version. For example, it lets you have 50 EINS on your account without charging $2 per check. In short the features that run on QuickBooks desktop versions are:

  • Basic: It is low cost and does not involve tax filing of payroll.
  • Enhanced: It allows you to do payroll tax filing yourself. Also it has good job costing. Furthermore, you can pay to 1099 vendors by direct deposit.
  • Full service: Details like payroll hours and amount can be entered. Intuit handles calculating the exact tax and filing tax forms.
  • Accountant’s enhanced: As the name suggest, the features are upgraded. You get 50 Clients EINS. This can only be used on Accountant’s computer.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

Now let us dwell deep in to QuickBooks Online Payroll option.

There is some minor difference between online payroll and Desktop payroll. The online version requires the payroll to be integrated and it can be run from there. The online version has functions like storing your previous payrolls and tax rates perfectly, but as compared to desktop version, online version does not come with an adjustment. The online version is specially meant for owners who are constantly on the move for their businesses. The online version offers two products depending the needs of the business. They are: QuickBooks Online Essentials with Payroll and QuickBooks Online Essentials with Full Service.

QuickBooks Online Essentials with Payroll: In this the accountant can do payroll, taxes and filing.

QuickBooks Online Essentials with Full Service: The software itself manages taxes and payroll.

Filing Payroll and taxes is very excruciating for many companies. Intuit has come up with smart solution for both online and desktop users. It has made payroll system very organized and easy to understand even by non-accountant professional. Both online and desktop versions have their pros and cons. Choose the option which fits the best for your company.

Along with payroll, businesses also face lot of issues while dealing with the invoices. In our last topic, we discussed how businesses have access to a whole lot of applications for invoicing and billing.




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