When you are running a business, you have to come with innovative marketing strategies. Likewise, for accounting too, Intuit has come up with QuickBooks Software which uses different applications, for making accounting an easy task.

Invoicing Challenges

Sending invoice manually every month or week can be quite tiresome for small business owners. QuickBooks enable the owners to generate the invoices online and sending it to the customer or client with the help of the internet, thereby saving their time. Moreover there are many different applications or software available that will make invoicing work easier for owners.

Different applications for invoice:

  1. Billing Boss: There are some free applications and some paid. This is free online software for sending invoices. This software allows you to create, send, and track your invoices, assess taxes and record payments. You can create as many invoices and quotes you want.
  2. Ball Park: This application allows you to import data or invoice from other application. It monitors payments and tracks time as well.
  3. Accept Pay: American Express has ventured in the market for invoicing and billing. It is electronic invoicing service and is perfectly compatible with QuickBooks.
  4. Blinksale: It has unlimited invoice plans. It rolls out invoices and thank you notes too! It is apt for small business owners who believe in sending organized invoices.
  5. Bamboo Invoice: This is a simple and open source invoicing. It is multi user and perfect for small businesses. Bamboo Invoice also allows you to track time of payment dues globally.
  6. Canny Bill: This software is ideal for freelancers, web designers and accounting professionals. You can send 10 invoices in a month. Canny Bill also accepts credit card payments online.
  7. FreshBooks: If you are looking for a user friendly invoicing system, then go for FreshBooks. It does not use any accounting jargons which makes it easy to use and understand. FreshBooks has a good user interface. It eliminates the system of double entry accounting.
  8. Curd Bee/ Hiveage:  Earlier known as Curd Bee is now called Hiveage. It provides unlimited invoice and nominal monthly subscription. Curd Bee can send one invoice to multiple email addresses.
  9. End eve: This is invoice provides unlimited service. End eve can be integrated with PayPal to ease payments.
  10. Wave: It is free and allows unlimited invoice sending. It can track partial payment due, over dues and can customize your payment terms.

With all these software choices and option, billing or invoicing should not be a problem anymore.  All most all software are free and allows unlimited invoice.

In our last post, we mentioned about how Intuit has created a buzz among millions with its new multi-currency features, which allows the owner to carry his business with multiple currencies.



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